The Brightness

The Brightness is a cross-genre quartet of talented, experienced and accomplished musicians.

Elena and Eleanor, Clare and Clara have come together to present specially curated programmes of music re-imagined for their unique blend of sounds.

We have all spent our careers to date specialising in one form of music or another but moving fluidly through many others. Between us we play: celtic folk, classical, Catalan folk, film music, bluegrass, avant garde, Indian, baroque, Latin, pop, swing, the list is endless.

When we’re together we move through the music, infusing it with our flavours rendering it familiar but new; comforting but exciting.

You’ll notice that we have two pairs of similar names and that all our names (disregarding a bit of etymological arguing over the background of the name ‘Eleanor’) can be translated to mean ‘bright’. That’s how we got our name. And we hope it will serve to bring a bit of positive, nominative determinism to the somewhat dark times through which we are living.

With love,

Elena, Eleanor, Clare and Clara